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The Board would like to remind owners of the rules and ask that you make any corrections, as we expect all residents to adhere to the same CC&Rs for our wonderful community.  Holiday decorations have some exceptions as noted below. Please reach out to our office with any questions you have about these guidelines.




These items must be confined to the BACK PATIO area only. Wind chimes are not recommended due to the disturbance to neighbors. Decorative articles, which include, but not limited to, statues of any size or shape, water fountains, lawn ornaments, driftwood, rocks, boulders, etc., are prohibited from being placed, displayed, or hung in or on the front or sides of the condos’ common areas. Decorative plaques or wreaths, not exceeding 36” in any dimension, and not protruding more than 8” from the wall may be kept within: the covered entryway but not hung from the porch light, second plaque or wreath may be hung on the pillar, third plaque may be mounted beside the door. Decorative means non-political, non-religious and basically not offensive. Nothing may be hung from any tree in the front common area. Nothing may be hung from the soffit, facia or roof.



•Only pots are permitted on the front patio wall and will be limited to up to three (3) in number, be of reasonable size. The width and the height of the plant on the wall are not to exceed twenty-four (24) inches.

•A stone slate may be placed on the patio wall and leaned against the pillar under the globe.

•Nursery type flower containers are prohibited (plastic pots that are meant to be transplanted).

No tree, whether a dwarf variety or otherwise, or vegetable plant, is to be grown in the ground, a pot or planter placed on the front patio floor or adjacent wall.

•Bicycles are not to be stored on front patios.

•No item on the front patio is to exceed 5 feet in height.

•A maximum of 4 plants or decorative items to be kept on the patio. Additional decorative items or plants to be confined to your back patio.

•No flowerpot or planter is to be placed on the common lawn area for any purpose.

•The placement of window boxes on any exterior condo window is prohibited.

•Items should be removed from the front wall when the condo is vacant.

Decorative plaques, animal statues, hanging ornaments etc. are to be confined to the back patio area. Exceptions for plaques in the patio area are defined in #4.

•Garden hoses may be neatly coiled on the ground or in a hose pot (must have drain holes)next to the faucet or kept in products designed for storing garden hoses that are enclosed.Wall mount hose hangers are not permitted



• One liquid type of hummingbird feeder is allowed either on the back patio or in the common area tree closest to the rear of your unit. Only one hummingbird feeder per tree. It must not overlap the service walkway.

• No other type of animal or bird feeders, statues, or ornaments, are permitted in the common area.

• Hand feeding or spreading food/seed is prohibited in all areas.



Holiday decorations or emblems used should be in keeping with the spirit of the holiday being observed and removed within 14 days after Christmas or 3 days after other holidays. In the back, holiday decorations are confined to be within your property boundaries. Decorations are not to encroach upon or obstruct the rear sidewalks.

During the Christmas season. One (1) front exterior wreath and one (1) front interior window wreath may be displayed simultaneously. In addition, it is permissible to place a small wreath or garland around the base of the globe light on the front patio wall.

No regular size light bulbs or party light bulbs, whether clear, white, or colored, or spotlights, regardless of size, are permitted for use along the sides of condo units.

•Residents may place lights, of the type permitted, (strings of small bulbs typically used onChristmas trees) on top of the front patio wall or hanging from the facia board, NOT the shingles. They may also be placed in the common area in front of the patio, but on top of the granite (no stakes). Lights and ornaments may be on the trees.

•The use of single strands of tinsel anywhere outdoors is prohibited.

•Christmas decorations of any kind are not to be displayed prior to Thanksgiving Day and must be removed no later than 14 days after the holiday. All supporting wires, hooks, extension cords,etc. must also be removed by that date.

•Decorations for other holidays are permitted provided they are in good taste and in keeping with the holiday and must be removed within three (3) days following the holiday.

•The display of any foreign, holiday, festive or religious flag, or any type of banner or decorative windsock on the front or sides of units is prohibited.