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The light globes pictured in the attachment are the lights the HOA maintains. If your Globe Security bulb is out, please contact

First: Michael Cain 702-429-2051

Rick Daily 480-219-2243 or 602-689-5661

Paul Courtney 515-419-0959


It’s the Association’s responsibility to change the bulbs in the globes. The above listed volunteers are the only ones authorized to change the bulbs. Homeowners are also not to change the bulbs out to colored ones. 

The porch light at your door is the homeowner’s responsibility since it is turned off and on from inside the condo. If the fixture needs replacing, please contact one of the above volunteers to match the fixture as close as we can. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to buy the fixture and a volunteer listed above can install the new fixture.

 Your cooperation is appreciated.